Here are the list of important English Vocabulary starting with B from exam point.

  • Baffle

Meaning- To Confuse (Chakra Dena)

  • Bard

Meaning- Poet

  • Booze

Meaning- To take Alcoholic drink

  • Blister

Meaning– Swelling on Skin

  • Blizzard

Meaning- Stormy Weather

  • Bait

Meaning– Trap

  • Balk

Meaning- To be unwilling to do something

  • Buckle

Meaning- Break under pressure

  • Blackguard

Meaning- A person who has no moral principles

  • Bunk

Meaning- To leave without permission

  • Beget

Meaning- To father or produce

  • Beguile

Meaning- Cheat or Mislead

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