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Strain and Strain Types

  • It is the ratio of change in the configuration, within the elastic limit, of a body to its original configuration is called Strain.
  • It is dimensionless quantity.

Strain Types

  • Longitudinal/ Tensile/ Linear Strain
  • Shear Strain
  • Volumetric Strain

Longitudinal Strain

  • The ratio of the change in length to the original length (within elastic limit).

L. Strain- ΔL/L

Where ‘ΔL’ is the change in length

& ‘L’ is the original length

Shear Strain

  • It is a relative displacement between two layers.

Shear Strain= tanθ≈ θ

θ= ΔL/L

Bulk or Volumetric Strain

  • The ratio of change in volume to the original volume (within elastic limit).


Where ‘ΔV’ is the change in volume

& ‘V’ is the original volume

Based on the above types of Strains, there are three types of “Modulus of Elasticity”.

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