Elasticity and Elasticity Types

Modulus of Elasticity

  • The ratio of the Stress to the Strain, within the elastic limit (Hooke’s Law) is a constant called Modulus of Elasticity or Coefficient of Elasticity.

Modulus of Elasticity Types

  • Young’s Modulus of Elasticity (E)
  • Shear Modulus or Modulus of Rigidity (G)
  • Bulk Modulus of Elasticity (K)
Young’s Modulus of Elasticity (E)
  • It is the ratio of Longitudinal Stress to the Longitudinal Strain, within the elastic limit.

E= L. Stress/L. Strain

Modulus of Rigidity (G)
  • The ratio of Shear Stress to the Shear Strain, within the elastic limit.

G= Shear Stress/Shear Strain

Bulk Modulus (K)

The ratio of Volumetric Stress to Volumetric Strain, within the elastic limit.

K= Vol. Stress/Vol. Strain

Relationships between E, G and K

  • E= 2G(1+μ)
  • E= 3K(1-2μ)                             Here ‘μ’ is Poisson’s Ratio
  • E= (9KG) / (3K+G)

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