• A sample of gas occupies 10 L under a pressure of 1 atm. What will be its volume if the pressure is increased to 2 atm? Assuming that temperature of the gas sample does not change-

(i) 2 L

(ii) 5 L

(iii) 10 L

(iv) 1 L

  • A gas at a pressure of 5 atm is heated from 0° to 546°C and simultaneously compressed to 1/3rd of its original volume. Hence the final pressure is-

(i) 10 atm

(ii) 45 atm

(iii) 30 atm

(iv) 5 a

  • How much should the pressure be increased in order to decrease the volume of a gas by 5% at a constant temperature?

(i) 5%

(ii) 5.26%

(iii) 10%

(iv) 4.26%

  • When the temperature is raised through 1°C the volume is increased by 1/273th times of the original volume. This is-

(i) Boyle’s Law

(ii) Charles’ Law

(iii) Avogadro Law

(iv) Graham’s Law

  • To what temperature must a neon gas sample be heated to double its pressure if the initial volume of gas at 75°C is decreased by 15.0% ?

(i) 591.6 K

(ii) 492.8 K

(iii) 592 K

(iv) 642 K

  • When a gas filled in a closed vessel is heated through 1°C, its pressure is increased by 0.4%. The initial temperature of the gas was –

(i) 250 K

(ii) 2500 K

(iii) 250°C

(iv) 25°C

  • One gram molecules of a gas at N.T.P. occupy 22.4 liters. This fact was derived from –

(i) Dalton’s theory

(ii) Avogadro’s hypothesis

(iii) Berzelius hypothesis

(iv) Law of gaseous volume

  • A sample of gas at 1.2 atm and 27°C is heated at constant pressure to 57°C. Its final volume is found to be 4.75 litres. What was its original volume ?

(i) 4.32 litres

(ii) 5.02 litres

(iii) 4.22 litres

(iv) None of these

  • If the density of a certain gas at 30°C and 768 torr is 1.35 kg/m3 its density at STP would be

(i) 1.49 kg/m³

(ii) 1.58 kg/m³

(iii) 1.25 kg/m³

(iv) 1.4 kg/m³

  • A vessel has 6 g of oxygen at a pressure P and temperature 400 K. A small hole is made in it so that O2 leaks out. How much O2 leaks out if the pressure is P/2 and temperature 300 K ?

(i) 5 g

(ii) 4 g

(iii) 2 g

(iv) 3 g

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