Many students like every year will be appearing for the SSC CGL exam this year as well. The competition has grown tough with the change in pattern and mode of exam. To crack CGL and get a desired job post, the aspirants need to score maximum marks in tier-1 so that they can relax a bit for the tier-2 exam. To excel in tier-1, you need to prepare well for all the four sections. Today we will focus on the reasoning section and will discuss the various reasoning tricks, tips, concepts and shortcuts for SSC CGL exam.

In SSC CGL, reasoning is the most interesting section as it tests the analytical and logical skills of any individual. Reasoning section can turn the game on your side it attempted carefully.  You can either score 45+ in few minutes or you can waste a lot of your time and still not score more than 30! Well, this is surely a loss where you can gain much. So, this section requires you to sharpen your puzzle solving skills quickly. The more practice you will do, the more you will score.

Though it is an interesting and scoring section, but it will be fruitful only when you save time here.  This section is tricky and time-consuming as it doesn’t have any set syllabus. To learn the tips and tricks first get a brief of SSC CGL 2018 exam pattern.

Reasoning tricks, tips, concepts, & shortcuts for SSC CGL
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SSC CGL comprises two stages – Tier – I Exam for 200 marks and Tier – II Exam for 400 marks.

We will discuss here reasoning section of Tier-I Exam as it forms a part of tier 1 only. In reasoning section, the questions are basically based on logic. There is no specific formula to solve these questions, instead, quick judgment and analytical skills are required.  Candidates need to be very precise and sure while answering the questions here. This section tests the presence of mind of a candidate. To solve these questions correctly in a fraction of time, candidates need to develop a logical thought process & beforehand knowledge of different types of problems. To develop these key skills, they should indulge in the daily practice of solving these questions. With an increase in practice, you will see that you can solve the questions correctly in little or no time. After all, practice makes a man perfect!

Here we have shared some imperative tips to score 45+ in reasoning section in SSC CGL 2018 exam.

Read the Question very carefully – Don’t hassle to save time. There is no use of saving time by quickly reading the questions as you can miss the important point from it.

Don’t judge the question type without reading – While reading the questions look for the words like “CANNOT” or “CAN BE” and pay attention to words having negative prefixes like “non” or “un” as one can do the silly mistake in over enthusiasm resulting in confusion.

Never make unnecessary assumptions – Always keep in mind that the given questions will be solved by the data/information provided in the question.  Assuming or adding information from your part will result in your loss.

Pay heed to one topic at one time – When practicing, solve each topic one by one. Never try to mix different topics as every topic in reasoning requires different solving technique.

Don’t rush for all questions – If you are stuck with a question, try to eliminate the answer options based on the information given to reach the correct answers. Don’t try to answer every question because you will unnecessarily waste your precious time and marks too.

Things to memorize – Understand the directions (North, South, East, West) well and memorize the sequencing of alphabets i.e. their numerical position from 1 to 26 and their reverse numbering too. Also, remember which alphabet comes after/before the particular alphabet.

Non-verbal problems – While heading for pictorial questions like dice, mirror questions, and paper folding, you should try to imagine the objects in 3D. Stay alert and don’t divert your mind to any thoughts before solving these questions otherwise you will need to start these questions from the beginning.

Blood relation questions – When solving these problems, you can make a small family tree as per the given information. This helps in tracing the relations from bottom to top or vice-versa.

Confirm the matrix – Before directly solving the matrix questions first check the matrix which is given as the example in the question. It is not necessary that SSC will follow the same code pattern every time.

Technique to attempt questions – You should start series-wise here, i.e. solve the 1st question first and then move on to the 2nd in order. If you are not able to solve any particular question, mark it and then solve it again once you have attempted the remaining questions and there is still time.

Topic wise tips of Reasoning for SSC CGL Exam

Direction Sense Test 

Keep track of direction based on the sun or the Pole Star. Clear your concepts that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. There are four major directions based on the positioning of the sun, which are South, East, North and West and four sub-directions are North-East, South-East, North-West and South-West. Now In direction sense test problems, don’t shy away and make a diagram as quickly as possible on a paper as per the question given assuming yourself as the subject.

Blood Relations

Blood Relationship is about people in different generations. It needs the complete analysis of information and candidates should be clear about the terminologies of relationship like Uncle/Nephew/Cousin/Niece. Problems can be solved using a Tree Diagram.

Number Series

Observe the given number series carefully first before solving. You will identify a pattern in the series once you observe carefully. Apply all possibilities frequently to crack the series.

Alphabet Coding

Learn all the alphabets and their numeric value like A-1 and Z-26. This will help you to decode the words given in questions and will also save your time.

Other than these tips you can refer to following study material for Reasoning section in SSC CGL Exam-

  • Analytical Reasoning (M.K Pandey)
  • Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning (R.S. Aggarwal)
  • Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning Hindi (Kiran Publication)

If you follow above tips and tricks, you will surely be able to score well in Reasoning Section of SSC CGL 2018 Exam easily.

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