Reasoning Practice Sets for SSC, Banking, GATE Exams


Reasoning is the process of drawing conclusions from facts. These conclusions must follow inevitably from the facts from which they are drawn.

Reasoning is not concerned with some conclusion that has a good chance of being true when facts are true.

The only conclusions that are acceptable are those that follow logically from the supplied facts.


Reasoning can be classified into two major parts : –

  1. Verbal Reasoning
  2. Non-verbal Reasoning


Verbal reasoning tests words, letters, and numbers, and requires logical reasoning and a reasonable knowledge of the English language too. This is necessary to be familiar with simple manipulations with figures, like addition, subtractions, division, and multiplication.

The problems on Number in a test of reasoning check us-  how logical we are i.e., how well we reason and think while carrying out simple arithmetic manipulations.

Classification of Verbal Reasoning

  1. Series Completion
  2. Analogy
  3. Classification (Odd One Out)
  4. Coding Decoding
  5. Blood Relations
  6. Puzzle Test
  7. Direction Sense Test
  8. Diagrammatic Representation of Data (Logical Venn Diagram)
  9. Mathematical Operations
  10. Logical Sequence of Words (Directory)
  11. Cube and Dice

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