What does Coding-Decoding mean ?

Basically, coding is a system of transmitting the information from one person to another without known to the the third person.

The person receiving the signal or information is called the receiver, and he/she must know to decode the codes.

So, in questions related to coding-decoding, a word is coded in a particular pattern and the candidates are asked to find the similar pattern.

Rules to follow for quick result –

  1. Memorize the English Alphabets with the positions.
  2. Memorize the forward/Backward order positions. A → Z & Z → Z
  3. Memorize the opposite of each Alphabets. Ex- Y opposite of B.
  4. If sum of two letters is 27, then both are opposite of each other. Ex – Y (25th position) opposite of B (2nd position). Here (25 + 2 = 27)
  5. Always approach the Question by writing the letters’ position.
  6. Make your own tricks to memorize the positions, opposite etc.
  7. More you practice the more command you will get.

Types of Questions

  • Direct/Indirect Letter Coding
  • Number or Symbol Coding
  • Substitution Coding
  • Message decoding from words or numerals

Examples –


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