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Here we provide you some the important basic problems on Mixture and Alligation. For the last few years the, the importance of this chapter has increased.  Most Importantly, the questions takes very less time time to solve. So, we cannot neglect this chapter.

We will soon upload the advanced level (CGL Tier II Level) questions with its solution.

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1. A vendor buys milk at a certain price, adds water and sells the adulterated milk at the same rate as he bought it for. He makes a 30% profit. What is the % of water he adds to the milk ?

(a) 30

(b) 15

(c) 20

(d) 60

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Correct Answer is (a)

2. A container having a liquid X is at a level of 4/7 its actual level. From this, if x liters are removed and the container is 1/4th full. Finally 35 liters are added to the container making it 1/2 full. The value of x and the capacity of the container are respectively ?

(a) 45, 210

(b) 25,140

(c) 45, 140

(d) 40, 210

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Correct Answer is (c)

3. A bottle of whisky contains 3/4 of whisky and the rest water. How much of the mixture must be taken away and substituted by equal quantity of water so as to have half whisky and half water ?

(a) 25%

(b) 45%

(c) 100/3 %

(d) 50%

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Correct Answer is (c)

4. In what ratio must the 1:4 mixture of whisky and water be mixed with a 1 : 1 mixture to obtain a      2 : 3 mixture ?

(a) 2 : 3

(b) 3 : 2

(c) 2 : 1

(d) 1 : 2

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Correct Answer is (c)

5. 10 liters are removed from a cask full of wine containing 60 liters and is then filled with water. 10 liters of mixture is again withdrawn from the container. What quantity of wine is now left in the cask ?

(a) 125/3

(b) 55/2

(c) 40

(d) Cannot be determined

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Correct Answer is (a)


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