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Notes on Ratio and Proportion

Ratio and Proportion What do you mean by Ratio? In a ratio of a:b, 'a' is called the first term or antecedent, and 'b' is called the second term or consequent. What do you mean by Proportion? i.e., a × d = b × c Important Results
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Problems on Percentage (MCQs)

Percentage maths problems with detailed solutions. Problems that deal with percentage increase and decrease as well as problems of percent of quantities.
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Profit and Loss Problems (MCQs)

Profit and Loss Problems (Objective Type Questions) for SSC CGL & CHSL, Banking and all government general competitions.

Triangle Notes

Triangle Basic Formulas & Identities. Basic and Advanced Identities & Formulas- important for SSC, Bank and General Competitions. Cosine Rule, Sine Rule. Triangle Basic Formulas m-n theorem, Centroid of a triangle, tangent rule.

Important Notes on Percentage

Percent is derived from Latin word 'per centum' which means 'per hundred. Percentage is a way of comparing quantities. Percentages are basically numerators of fractions with denominator 100. Percent is represented by the symbol - '%'. Ex- 1% means 1 out of 100 or one hundredth. 1% = 1/100 = 0.001 Interpreting Percentages Ex- What do you mean by this statement. let say - "Raj saves 25% of his income. Interpretation - It means 25 parts out of 100, or it means Raj is saving 25 rupees out of every 100 rupees that he earns. Important Formulae % Change - (Increase or decrease) ℅change = (final value - Initial Value)*100/Initial Value

Theory: Mensuration

Important Formulas of Mensuration (2-D Figures) (3-D Figures) Some Important Formulas Theory on Mensuration..Area and Volume formula of Pyramid Tetrahedron Prism , Cylinder Cuboid Spherical Shell Cone Frustrum Important Unit Conversions