Divisibility Rules

Divisibility Rules of Various Numbers

Search Your Query Here These are the few basic divisibility rules which every Mathematics lover should know. These divisibility rules will help in a faster calculation, thus...

Notes on Ratio and Proportion

Ratio and Proportion What do you mean by Ratio? In a ratio of a:b, 'a' is called the first term or antecedent, and 'b' is called the second term or consequent. What do you mean by Proportion? i.e., a × d = b × c Important Results
Profit and Loss

Profit And Loss Basic Formulas

Search Your Query Here Everyone should always be in touch with these basic Profit and Loss formulas. We must have read during our schooling but only few...

Theory : Boat and Stream

Up Stream - It means the boat is moving against the direction of the stream. Down Stream – It means the boat is moving in the direction of the stream. Shortcut tricks on boats and streams are one of the most important topics in exams. Time takes a huge part in competitive exams.

Theory: Time and Distance

Speed is a very basic concept in motion which is all about how fast or slow any object moves. Tips and Tricks to Solve "Time and Distance" Aptitude Problems with Important Formulas, Shortcuts, Core Concept

Short Notes on Pipes and Cisterns

If a Pipe A alone empties a tank in x hours and another Pipe B alone empty it in y hours. Then the time taken to empty the tank when both pipes are open = (x × y/x + y) hours.

Finding the Square, Square Root and Cube Root of any Number

Best and Short trick to find the square & square root of any number,and also calculate the cube root of any perfect cube whose cube root falls between 1 and 100. Square root is generally taken to mean the principal square root. The principal square root function sqrt(x) ...