Number Systems

Search Your Query Here Basic Definitions and Formulas- Real Numbers Natural Numbers All the counting numbers starting from 1 i.e., 1,2,3,.., etc. are called the natural numbers. Whole...
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Train Problems- Objective Type Questions

Problems on Trains Aptitude Questions and Answers MCQs. Useful for it officer bank exam, upsc, ssc, ibps and other competitive exam preparation
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Time and Distance Problems (MCQs)

This is the aptitude questions and answers section on Time and Distance with explanation for various interview, competitive examinations and entrance tests like SSC, Banking etc. 
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Profit and Loss Problems (MCQs)

Profit and Loss Problems (Objective Type Questions) for SSC CGL & CHSL, Banking and all government general competitions.

Theory: Mensuration

Important Formulas of Mensuration (2-D Figures) (3-D Figures) Some Important Formulas Theory on Mensuration..Area and Volume formula of Pyramid Tetrahedron Prism , Cylinder Cuboid Spherical Shell Cone Frustrum Important Unit Conversions

Important Notes on Simple Interest

Principal – The money which is borrowed or lent for a certain period of time is called Principal or the Sum. Interest – The extra money which is paid along with the principal. Amount = Principal + Interest


Search Your Query Here Basic Definitions and Concepts Definition A polynomial is an algebraic expression in which the variables involving are having non-negative integral powers.  Examples- 2x³+5x+2, 8y³+5xy+x-2...