Here are some of the important branches of science that often comes in the competitive exams like SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, SSC MTS and different Banking Exams and other state and central government Examinations.

Important Science Branches

  1. The Study of Heavenly Bodies is called – Astronomy
  2. The Study of Flowers is called – Anthology
  3. The Study of flower yielding plants is called – Floriculture
  4. The Study of Human Societies and Cultures and their development (Humans) – Anthropology
  5. The Branch of Agriculture in which we study the production of crops – Agronomy
  6. The Study of Heart is called – Cardiology
  7. The Study of Cells is called – Cytology
  8. The Study of Garden Cultivation is called – Horticulture
  9. The Study of Soils is called – Pedology
  10. The Study of Fish is called – Pisciculture
  11. The Study of Earthquakes is called – Seismology
  12. The Study of Kidneys is called – Nephrology
  13. The Study of Virus is called – Virology
  14. The Study of Muscles is called – Myology
  15. The Study of Snakes is called – Serpentology
  16. The Study of Classification of Organisms is called – Taxonomy
  17. The Study of Skin is called – Dermatology
  18. The Study of Heredity and Variations is called – Genetics
  19. The Study of Spiders is called – Araneology
  20. The Scientific Study of Plantlife is called – Botany
  21. The Study of Secret Writing is called – Cryptography
  22. The Study of Skulls is called – Craniology
  23. The Study of Insects is called – Entomology
  24. The Scientific Study of Living Organisms is called – Biology
  25. The Science that deals with Crop Plant – Agronomy
  26. The Study of Algae is called – Phycology
  27. The Study of Disease-Causing Organisms is called – Pathology
  28. The branch of medicine dealing with pregnancy – Obstetrics
  29. The Study of growing old is called – Gerontology
  30. The Study about various aspects of the earth is called – Geology

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