How much do you know about yourself ?

For example-

  • The sound made by necks, backs, knuckles, and other joints when they’re cracked is actually the sound of bubbles popping in the joints’ fluid.
  • A human baby has over 60 more bones than an Adult.
  • Your body has enough iron in it to make a metal nail 3 inches long.

Now here are some of the interesting facts and figures of Human Body which is important from exam perspective, especially in the General Competitions like Medical Exams, SSC, Bank, IBPS, RRB etc.

S. No.
1. Busiest Organ of the Human Body Heart
2. Normal Blood Pressure 120/80 mm of Hg (mercury)
3. Largest Organ of the Body Skin
4. Fastest Growing tissue in Human Body Hair
5. Tissue that doesn’t receive Oxygen from blood Nail  (Cornea too)
6. Part of body that cannot heal or repair of its own Teeth
7. Only joint less bone present in the throat area Hyoid Bone
8. Maximum power of regeneration Liver
9. Minimum power of regeneration Skin
10. Life Span of RBC (Red Blood Cells) 120 Days (100-120 days)