Banking Objective Questions Practice Sets SSC

General Awareness: Practice Set for SSC 2016

This Practice Set contains some previous years’ questions. This test is important for the upcoming exams like SSC CGL Tier I, Banking PO, RRB, IBPS and other state and central level government examinations.

1. On which of the following Governor-General was impeachment imposed ?

a) Warren Hastings

b) Lord Clive

c) Lord Cornwallis

d) Lord Wellesley

2. Structural Unemployment arises due to –

a) Deflationary conditions

b) Heavy Industry Bias

c) Shortage of Raw Materials

d) Inadequate Productive Capacity

3. The sub-unit of DNA is –

a) Nucleotide

b) Nucleosome

c) Nucleoside

d) Polypeptide

4. Saline and alkaline soils in India are also called –

a) Regur

b) Banger

c) Kallar

d) Khadar

5. Debenture holders of company are its –

a) Share Holders

b) Creditors

c) Debtors

d) Directors

6. Iodized salt is beneficial for –

a) Lowering of Blood Pressure

b) Prevention of dehydration

c) Thyroid function

d) Salivary glands

7. Ramsar Convention is related to the preservation of the following –

a) Wetlands

b) Forest Lands

c) Mines

d) Carbon Emissions

8. Article 25 is related to the following –

a) The Right to Equality

b) The Right to Property

c) The Right to Religion

d) The Security of the Minorities

9. The Ratha Temple in Mahabalipuram were built by –

a) The Cholas

b) The Pallavas

c) The Chedis

d) The Chalukyas

10. A speculator who sells stocks for gain, in order to buy back when prices fall, is called –

a) Bull

b) Bear

c) Boar

d) Bison

11. The Bermuda Triangle is located in the –

a) North-Western Atlantic Ocean

b) South-Eastern Atlantic

c) North Pacific Ocean

d) South Indian Ocean

12. After which of the following movements was Gandhiji given the title “Mahatma” ?

a) Champaran Movement

b) Rowlatt Act

c) Non-Cooperation Movement

d) Quit -India Movement

13. The demand for necessities is –

a) Perfectly Inelastic

b) Inelastic

c) Perfectly elastic

d) Elastic

14. Chilgoza is obtained from the seeds of a species of –

a) Pine

b) Palm

c) Cycus

d) Deodar

15. Bones are pneumatic in –

a) Fishes

b) Amphibians

c) Reptiles

d) Birds

16. The smallest unit of length is –

a) Micron

b) Nanometer

c) Angstrom

d) Fermimeter

17. The radioisotope used to detect blood clots in the circulatory system is –

a) Arsenic-74

b) Cobalt-60

c) I-131

d) Sodium-24

18. Which enzyme converts proteins into peptides ?

a) Pepsin

b) Trypsin

c) Erepsin

d) Enterokinase

19. Stagflation refers to a situation which is characterized by –

a) deflation and rising unemployment

b) Inflation and rising employment

c) Inflation and rising unemployment

d) Stagnant employment and deflation

20. Which of the following high dignitaries, who is not a member of the Parliament, has the right to address it ?

a) The Attorney General of India

b) The Solicitor General of India

c) The Chief Election Commissioner of India

d) The Chief Justice of India

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