English Phrases and their Meanings

White lie– A lie spoke for someone’s good or good intention.

Beat about/around the bush– Not coming to the point straightaway or circumlocution.

Poker face– Expressionless Person.

Bite the bullet– Unpleasant Work.

Devil’s advocate – to present a counter argument

From the horse mouth– From the genuine or authentic source.

Nine day wonder– Something that arouses interest for some time.

Blow the fuse/gasket– Loose temper.

Judas Kiss– Hypocritical affection.

Itsy bitsy Very small or tiny

High and Dry  – In a deprived situation

Black Sheep– A person who brings dishonour to the family.

Blue Blood– Royal Family.

Play a double game – to act dubiously. Ex – Raju was playing a double game.

Out of one’s element – Out of one’s preferred surroundings

Have an axe to grind to have a private reason for doing something

Hue and cry –  Any loud public outcr

Past Master – An Expert

An old flame – Long time love

Word for word – In exactly the same word

Heart to Heart – very Frankly

Go Broke – Become bankrupt

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