This Practice Set contains some previous years’ and important questions on Synonyms. This test is important for the upcoming exams like SSC CGL Tier I, Banking PO, RRB, IBPS and other state and central level government examinations.

1. Abuse

A) Use

B) Praise

C) Scorn

D) Raise

2. Deny

A) Regain

B) Refuse

C) Repair

D) Reduce

3. Motive

A) Reason

B) Occasion

C) Intention

D) Preparation

4. Considerate

A) Agreeable

B) Kind

C) Like-minded

D) Thoughtful

5. Docile

A) Submissive

B) Stubborn

C) Strong

D) Changeable

6. Felicity

A) Prosperity

B) Honesty

C) Bliss

D) Sorrow

7. Lousy

A) Unbearable

B) Awful

C) Loose

D) Stinking

8. Exhort

A) Recommend

B) Coax

C) Urge

D) Push

9. Electrifying

A) Attractive

B) Fearsome

C) Exciting

D) Disturbing

10. Sufficient

A) Full

B) Complete

C) Enough

D) Less

11. Benevolent

A) Beneficial

B) Kind

C) Helpful

D) Supportive

12. Enigmatic

A) Magnetic

B) Automatic

C) Speeding

D) Puzzling

13. Revelation

A) Anticipation

B) Imagination

C) Revel in

D) Disclosure

14. Surpass

A) Outdo

B) Pass over

C) Overdo

D) Pass by

15. Baleful

A) Harmful

B) Doubtful

C) Useful

D) Helpful

16. Blister

A) Chatter

B) Travel

C) Attack

D) Wound

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