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1. Which of the following Vedas provide information about the civilization of the early Vedic age?

(A)   Sama Veda

(B)   Rig Veda

(C)   Yajur Veda

(D)   Atharva Veda

2. Banbhatta was the court poet of which of the emperor?

(A)   Vikramaditya

(B)   Kanishka

(C)   Kumaragupta

(D)   Harshvardhana

3. Where did Lord Buddha breathe his last?

(A)   Sarnath

(B)   Bodh Gaya

(C)   Kushinagar

(D)   Nalanda

4. Who started the Saka Era?

(A)   Vikramaditya

(B)   Kanishka

(C)   Ashoka

(D)   Sumdragupta

5. Who among the following is the first to invade India?

(A) Alexander

(B) Xerxes

(C) Seleucus

(D) Darius-I

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