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Here are the list of some important Geography Glossary. These keywords will help you in understanding Geography easily. 

Aggradation – It is the process of deposition of the eroded materials in the low lying areas.

Degradation – It is the slow erosion of the earth’s surface due to external forces.

 External Forces – Forces acting on earth from its surface.

Mountains – These are the large landmasses that rise to great heights above the surrounding areas.

Plains – The flat lands with a very gentle slope.

Plateaus – Large landmasses of flat lands rising abruptly from the surrounding areas.

Axis – An imaginary line joining the two poles.

Poles – Endpoints of the Axis.

Equator – An imaginary line that divides the earth into two equal halves, called hemispheres.

Glaciers – Huge masses of snow in the mountains that move down a valley.

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